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Our Goal is to bring you a delicious, premium experience.

Chelvies Coffee Ambience

A Fresh Cup Of Our Humble Origins

How did Chelvies’ come to be? Well, our creative team of thinkers, dreamers and caffeine addicts always sought to create a place that could serve as the perfect symphony between a productive, energetic environment; and a lively, warm coffee shop, a place you could set foot in and not want to leave. In essence, we were looking for a healthy and welcome escape from the everyday hustles and bustles of the usual home and work life!
And that is how Chelvies was born! We created a premium coffee lounge, a safe and comfortable ambience for the avid cafe - hopper! A place where you can spend hours being productive, work on your side hustle, or just take a break, sit down, relax, and enjoy a damn good cup of coffee! A picturesque Lofi experience!