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Our Goal is to bring you a delicious, premium experience.

Founder And Co Founder
Chelvies Coffee Ambience

A Fresh Cup Of Our Humble Origins

Welcome to Chelvies, a revolutionary coffee house concept rooted in the philosophy of single-origin excellence. At Chelvies, we are dedicated to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that transcends the traditional coffee experience, fostering a sense of community where friends, families, and peoplefrom all walks of life can come together.

Our commitment to the Specialty Coffee and dining house culture sets us apart. We aspire to make every customer feel as if they are in their second home, relishing quality time whether it's during work, family gatherings, or friendly meet-ups. Chelvies takes pride in being more than just a coffee destination; it's a place where memories are made and connections are forged.

The Farm to Cup process is the backbone of our standardized chain format, strategically located across various Indian High Street locations. We aim to cater to the residential crowd, providing a haven where patrons can bring their friends and families to savor exceptional coffee, delightful bakery offerings, and delectable meals.

What makes Chelvies truly distinctive in the Indian coffee and dining house market is our unwavering commitment to variety. We go beyond being merely a specialty coffee provider; our live bakery and diverse meal options elevate the dining experience to new heights. This vision drives us to redefine the landscape of coffee and dining in India.

Founded by Dhruv Singh, a trailblazer who transformed Kake Di Hatti into a unicorn, and co-founded by Chirag Dave, a visionary marketer, the inception of Chelvies is rooted in a shared passion for excellence. Drawing inspiration from their travels across Italy, they conceptualized the name "Chelvies" and embarked on a journey to create a farm-to-cup brand that resonates with the cultural fabric of India.

Chelvies takes pride in sourcing its beans from prestigious estates, including Ratnagiri Estate and Mandalkhan Estate. Our commitment to quality extends from the very source to your cup, ensuring an unparalleled coffee experience that reflects the richness of our origins.

In every cup and every bite, Chelvies strives to deliver an experience that transcends the ordinary—a place where passion for coffee meets the joy of shared moments. Join us on this journey as we redefine coffee and dining in India, one cup at a time. Chelvies: Where Every Sip Tells a Story, and Every Bite Creates a Memory.